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Aspiring Environmental Journalist also interested in global travel, outdoor recreation and globalization issues.

A painter’s craft, Tilke Elkins and the art of creation

Imagine getting to know a piece of the forest. Not just standing on a trail and admiring the view, but rather immersing yourself in the wilderness around you. Make the effort to get down on hands and knees and inspect … Continue reading

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Behind the Scenes of an Oregon Country Fair Artisan

Visitors to the Oregon Country Fair may be unaware of the true behind-the-scenes work and effort artisans invest into their craft, which from an outsider’s perspective may otherwise seem like a dream job. The 42nd Oregon Country Fair just finished … Continue reading

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Eugene Weekly Science Update

In science and environment-related news around Eugene this week, there is the The Register Guard article on how the Bureau of Land Management is making the proposal to reintroduce herbicides to Eugene to help combat. The BLM stopped using herbicides … Continue reading

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The Future of Bicycling in Eugene: An Uphill Battle?

For this week in everything bicycling-related, we have an article in MyEugene on some of the recent roadwork that is being done over the course of the summer. The newly paved roads will be sporting bike lanes from 29th to … Continue reading

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The 2011 Arts and the Vineyard Festival Celebrates its 28th Year

This weekend, Maude Kerns Art Center held its 28th year of the Arts and the Vineyard crafts and wine tasting festival. A cloudy morning on Sunday broke apart in the afternoon for the Arts and the Vineyard visitors and doused … Continue reading

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Bicycle Highs and Lows

In the world of Eugene bicycling, this week started out with the beginning of a repaving project on Alder Street which is a road commonly used by University students, including bike commuters. On KVAL’s website the article on the repaving … Continue reading

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Forest Fire Season Begins, Just in Time for the 4th

The Register Guard wrote this week on the long standing tension between timber industries and environmental organizations that is being brought to the surface once again. Timber industries are calling for approval from the Obama Administration for greater annual harvests … Continue reading

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Extension Service Wants to Come Back from ‘The Dead’

An invaluable resource for Eugene gardeners is at risk of being forgotten. The Lane County Extension Service (LCES) struggles under last year’s loss of funding while furthermore suffering from reduced community awareness of the program’s existence. In May 2010, county … Continue reading

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A New Documentary with Close Connections to Eugene

In the environmental realm, Eugene has always got something up its sleeve. This week there has been the hype surrounding “If a Tree Falls”, a documentary about the long-standing clash between a specific environmental activists group called Earth Liberation Front … Continue reading

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Get Out on Your Bike for the Summer

So for the summer months, the near total sunshine (or so they say) in Eugene seems definitely enough to get people out of their houses; and what is the step? Getting on those bikes! Greater Eugene Area Riders is a cycling group … Continue reading

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