Amber Nicholson: Travel Bug Survivor

Amber Nicholson hails from the sunny state of California.  She spent her teen years in Gilroy (CA) and believes she still sweats garlic every so often.  Amber ventured south for college and throughly enjoyed four fabulous years studying at the University of California at Santa Barbara.  It was at UCSB that she earned a bachelor’s degree in sociology and a minor in drinking.

Since graduating from college in 2005, Amber has worked as a childbirth doula, poured wine in Napa Valley for a living, chased the sun around the world for a year, and staffed Relay For Life events for the American Cancer Society.  While chasing the sun (22 countries, 12 months, 2 backpacks), Amber came down with an advanced case of the travel bug and has yet to recover.

Amber is currently pursuing her master’s degree in journalism at the University of Oregon in hopes to manage her infliction of the travel bug.  And although becoming a travel writer is something Amber dreams of, she is excited about and open to the idea that her master’s degree might take her in other directions.  Amber is the definition of an experience junkie and hopes to one day get paid for sharing her experiences with the world, whatever that might end up looking like.


About aanicholson

I'm an experience junkie who has a bad case of the travel bug. I am currently getting my Master's in Journalism at the University of Oregon and loving it.
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