Melissa Haskin: conquering the world on her yellow bicycle. In a pencil skirt.

Melissa is a journalist based out of Eugene, Oregon. Her work has appeared in the Oregon Commentator and Ethos Magazine. In addition, she works as a copy editor for the Oregon Commentator.

Melissa will write about just about anything, though she doesn’t particularly care to write about politics. Recently she realized that of all the possible types of writing she could do, she would like food writing the most. Nothing centers her better than a garlic kale roll while wandering the Saturday market. Who doesn’t want to get paid to eat anyways (In anticipation, she has taken the preemptive measure of signing up for The Biggest Loser for ten years down the road when she is 1,000 pounds).

Mac and Cheese from Agate Alley

At the advice of Johnathan Gold, she started a food blog, which is mainly meant to review local food from the eyes of a college student though it includes other food-related posts as well. In addition, Melissa has a journalism blog, Dispatch from a Yellow Bicycle.

As an undergraduate, Melissa attended Oregon State University–shh, don’t tell anyone. She danced, took an honors course, was active in several clubs, had a job and took way too many math classes, all of which she hated. Oh, and her major was economics, also known as applied math–or, where the engineers go when the drop out of the engineering program. She received her B.S. in economics with a minor in business and entrepreneurship in June 2010.

It was in the winter of 2010 that Melissa realized she wanted to be a journalist. The defining moment was when she was riding her pink bicycle in a pencil skirt through downtown Eugene to secure an interview at the last moment because her other plans had fallen through. Over the term she realized that while she would ride across town to find a story for her journalism class, she could barely bring herself to do her other homework, she just didn’t have the same passion for it. And thus it was set: she would be a journalist.

Currently Melissa is a graduate student at the University of Oregon pursuing a master’s in magazine journalism. She is thoroughly enjoying being a student taking advantage of every aspect, from the student discounts to the free food, and of course the knowledge and experience her program has to offer.

RIP pink bicycle

As a product of the technology age Melissa is proficient in email and web use on both Mac and PC computers as well as most social media and Microsoft Office.

These days Melissa rides a yellow bicycle and you can find her riding the streets of Eugene though she has yet to ride this one in a pencil skirt.

You can contact Melissa at


About Melissa Haskin

I laugh, I giggle. I drink two pots of coffee a day. I'm always up for exploring, be it places, food, or music.
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