Siobhan Cavan Profile

Siobhan Cavan is from New Zealand and has been attending the University of Oregon for the past four years. She loves the outdoors and all the activities it has to offer, so has found Eugene to be an extremely enjoyable place to live while studying. She double majors in Advertising and Electronic Media in the School of Journalism and Communication, with a minor in Multimedia. Through these areas of interest Siobhan has developed extensive skills in graphic design, music design, video editing, digital media and web development programs. She also has experience in filming, broadcasting, and audio recording and editing.
Siobhan just finished competing for four years on the Oregon Women’s Tennis Team and is finishing off her final classes in preparation for graduation in December. Tennis has been the main passion throughout her life but as her college career ends, her professional career is becoming her main focus. Siobhan is planning on staying in the US after graduation and hopes to work for a digital advertising agency.


About siobhancavan

Siobhan is a New Zealander living in Oregon, just finished playing on the Oregon Women's Tennis Team for four years. She is a double journalism major at the University of Oregon focusing on Advertising and Electronic Media with a minor in Multimedia. She is graduating December 2011 and currently job searching.
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