Ted Shorack Profile

Ted Shorack was born in Eugene, Oregon, but grew up in Southern California’s arid inland area in a town called Temecula. He’s felt torn between the two states, but has reconciled the differences and embraced what they both have to offer.

Squinting in Joshua Tree National Park

As an undergraduate, Ted studied History and earned a B.A. from California State University San Marcos. While studying the subject, he realized how much he enjoyed writing about important events and ideas.

After college, he began to explore the field of journalism and moved to Portland, Oregon. Ted settled into the city and tried desperately to find internships. Sadly, it seemed like no one was willing to give him a chance without the undergraduate background.

But after many interviews and letdowns, he was given a shot by the now defunct monthly newspaper called the Portland Sentinel. Ted began helping out in anyway possible, whether it was delivering papers or spending the afternoon fact-checking. The editor/publisher explained the tenets of journalism to Ted, giving him many opportunities along with important critiques on small articles.

Ted Shorack is now attending graduate school at the University of Oregon and studying News-Editorial Journalism. He wishes to pursue investigative reporting and to be able to cover topics that are routinely overlooked.


About tshorack

My name is Theo Shorack. I'm studying journalism at the University of Oregon in the hopes of becoming an investigative reporter. I see the need for journalism to change with new technology, but I do like to have a newspaper in my hands.
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