Beyond Your Basement Basics

The case displays historical video equipment. Image: Christopher Scotti

Even though the Knight Library ground floor is lacking books, it is not lacking in resources. Especially for students with specific interests in film, photography, media, and journalism. Hidden from sight and obvious directions, the basement can be accessed through the front right side of the library. A twisting white staircase leads students down into the depths of the building.

The aroma of coffee from The Daily Grind Cafe wafts past students’ noses. Restrooms and a quaint water fountain are available for use as well as handy recycling bins.

Any media equipment, especially video and digital cameras, that may be needed can be found at the Classroom Support/Equipment Checkout at the end of a hallway as well as the Journalism Media Checkout in room 19A (contact Tristan at (503)780-5057). The Center for Media and Educational Technologies, consulting services, exhibit services, the Image Services Center, streaming media, videoconferencing, and the Video Production Studio are all located through the winding hallways of the ground floor. Even colored card stock can be found next to a few recycling bins and old media equipment line a few hallways.

Apart from media, the ground floor also houses two floor-to-ceiling safes, proctor classrooms, and a hidden control room next to the Video Production Studio.

For a map of the campus, click here.


About snailcrossing

Clare is a travel writer and ethnographic journalist with an interest in ecotourism, saving the world one vacation at a time. Her goal is to travel around the world, seeking eco-friendly community organizations and informing the public about them as well as healthier and more fulfilling alternatives to pleasure travel.
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