Food and Other Happenings in The Westside

Though mostly residential, the Jefferson Westside Neighborhood holds its own as far as food goes.

The border of the neighborhood, which stretches from 7th Avenue to 18th Avenue and from the Willamette Street/Lawrence Street area to Chambers Street in the west, is lined with restaurants, bars, bakeries and coffee shops.

Known for its half Greek half Indian menu, the award winning Poppi’s Anatolia is located in the eastern part of the Jefferson Westside Neighborhood where the neighborhood collides with downtown. On 13th Ave, Cafe Soriah offers a stunning menu and cocktail list, which is surprisingly within a student budget–at least late at night.

The Divine Cupcake

The west side boasts The Divine Cupcake and Ring of Fire, also award winning fare. And towards the center of it all is Sweet Life Patisseriewhere between the extensive bakery and

In the window of the Sweet Life wedding cake shop

monthly specials, it is nearly impossible to try everything. But Sweet Life Patisserie also speaks to the soul of Eugene, offering allergen and environmentally conscious options such as gluten free cakes, dairy free cheesecakes, and hormone free dairy.

The list goes on and on; The Vintage, Nib, The Laughing Planet Cafe, The Fisherman’s Market–a girl could get fat pretty quick in Jefferson Westside. The residents are even having a potluck picnic on the June 28.

Food isn’t the only thing going on in Jefferson Westside, however. According to the June 2011 Jefferson Westside newsletter, the local police station, located on Monroe Street will move to the new police headquarters in 2011.

In addition, the neighborhood includes many parks, the Fairgrounds, and quite and array of houses and people. A majority of the houses are well-kept,though some parts are most certainly creepy, such as the house next to Sweet Life.

House next to Sweet Life

The residents are the kind who sit on the porch on a sunny Monday evening with a glass of wine and the kind that sit on the deck, feet in the air, with a beer, a cigarette and other smoke-able items.

New Frontier Market

The streets need work, the sidewalks are horrid in places and the furniture store refuses to sell their human-sized stuffed duck, but overall, Jefferson Westside is quite the adorable little neighborhood.


About Melissa Haskin

I laugh, I giggle. I drink two pots of coffee a day. I'm always up for exploring, be it places, food, or music.
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