An Opportunity for Eugene to Swing


What do you get when you combine five wacky souls from Reno, a banjo, an accordion, horns, a bucket, and then throw in some chains?  You get the modern twist on Americana Folk band Buster Blue.  The June 23rd issue of the Eugene Weekly tells readers a bit about Buster Blue and that they will be playing (quite appropriately) in the Whiteaker at Sam Bond’s Garage this Sunday, June 26th, at 9pm.   The guaranteed energetic performance from Buster Blue will not disappoint those looking to get their swing on.

The unique and colorful music of Buster Blue is often accredited to their diverse backgrounds and upbringing.  (To sample their music click here.)  You know the music is fun with lyrics like: “Mi amore, I’m leaving town.  A kiss goodbye will turn that frown.  My feet take me deep into the trees.  Where the wild things lurk and wait for me.  La la la la la.”  (To enjoy the craftsmanship behind more of their lyrics, click here.)  Buster Blue is known for more than great music, their shows never cease to entertain. The bio on their website states “…they bring theatrics to their live sets that meld seamlessly to the emotional arc of each of their songs. At times a raucous bar band and at other times a bit musical theater. Anyone attending a live show will surely be taken on one hell of a ride!”

Sam Bond’s is hoping to fill the bar with plenty of happy people ready to enjoy “the ride.”  Eugenians have a history of enjoying swing music, and of course attending the yearly visit from Eugene born Cherry Poppin’ Daddies.  In fact, the Cherry Poppin’ Daddies are often associated with the revival of swing music in the late 1990’s.  Just think?  If Eugene hadn’t been the kind of place that encouraged the creation of the Cherry Poppin’ Daddies, we would live in a world devoid of kids grooving to “Zoot Suit Riot” at school dances.  The Register Guard once informed readers of the Gibson guitar that came out to honor the Daddies biggest hit, the Gibson SG Zoot Suit guitar.


Sunday night is Eugene’s opportunity to once again be an active role in affecting the music of the world.  Instead of suffering from the Sunday night blues this Sunday, come out to Sam Bond’s Sunday night and get ready to “enjoy the ride.”  And remember that great things come out of this town.

Follow Buster Blues on Twitter and Facebook.  Tend to enjoy the artists that Sam Bonds brings to town?  Follow Sam Bonds on Twitter and Facebook.


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