Eugene Based Comedians Now Have A Place To Start Out

Finally, comics have a venue to call their own in Eugene.

Surprisingly, if you’re a comedian living in or near Eugene there aren’t any venues completely dedicated to promoting new and amateur comics.  Now there’s a place where budding comedians can try out their material multiple times a week – The Brickwall Comedy Club.

Started by fellow comedian Chris Warren back in April, the goal is to allow amateur stand-ups to practice performing on stage to see what works and what doesn’t.  Warren has even created the Brickwall Comedy Club Stand up Contest happening every Thursday at 8pm through the summer.  The person who comes out on top will win $500.  As Warren promotes on the club’s website, “This is the 9th running of this competition, and so far every winner has gone on to have a career in Professional Stand Up Comedy!”  The Eugene Weekly also cover the event under their Calendar section.

Brickwall has the best of both worlds when it comes to comedy.  Friday and Saturday nights are reserved for national touring comedians and Wednesday and Thursday nights are dedicated to developing artists who are still looking for their big break.

Diablo's Downtown Lounge, credit:

Other venues in town like Diablo’s Downtown Lounge have hosted successful comedy nights.  Joey Morales, the manager of the lounge said, “We started hosting open mic night on Saturdays.  It became so popular that now we dedicate every other Saturday night to comedy.”  Comedians also get to make a bit of cash off of their sets at Diablo.  The $5 cover is split between the comedians at the end of the night.

Brickwall is conveniently located inside the Doc’s Pad building on the southwest corner of Seventh Avenue and Willamette Street.  Comics can test out their jokes in front of an audience of up to 100 people.  People can order food and drinks directly from Doc’s sports bar while enjoying the comedy show.  Brickwall is also getting plenty of buzz since opening just a few months ago.  The Oregon Register Guard interviewed Warren a few weeks ago who said the goal of the club is “to give comedians the opportunity to hone their shows to the point they can start getting work.”

Eugene is becoming more aware that comedy is a booming business.  Now comedians have a place to not only try out their material but gain some self confidence, too.


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