Fast Times At Cliff-Mont High


It’s football season again! Wait, it’s not? I could have sworn with all the coverage…. Anyways. I was merely joshing with everyone. All of us who have tuned in to any media outlet that may or may not cover the world of amateur and professional athletics within the last 100 days can figure out that the employees of the NFL are not getting along with their employers.  But in Eugene we have a different kind of professional athletics, and no I wasn’t making any sort of pay-for-play reference. The reference has to do with the zeal that this community saves for collegiate athletics. With that in mind, this week has been a doozy for Oregonians first athletic love. It began with a slight lack of backlash from Cliff Harris’ best impression of Dale Jarrett last Wednesday when he was caught driving 118 miles per hour in a rental car (one registered to a University employee), and now Harris has made himself into something of an enigmatic ghost at the first voluntary workout of the season. This disappearing act occurred only a dubious five days after it was announced that Harris would be suspended indefinitely for the Sept. 3 game in Cowboy Stadium, against none other than vaunted LSU.

Autzen Stadium

The arrest came on the heels of major violations at Ohio State University— some of which involved a car registered to a university employee— that ultimately ended with the resignation of a local legend and an early draft declaration for a Heisman hopeful. And while the NCAA has already come to town, it appears, according to Rob Mosely of the  Register-Guard, that the University of Oregon will be avoiding major NCAA sanctions. Well at least from the Harris fiasco. But this traffic infraction has garnered some national attention, including an interview with Mosely on ESPN’s College Football Live last week, and with all the recruiting inquiries, this certainly is not the offseason attention the Ducks were hoping for.


About Reed Nelson

I am a graduate student in the J-School at the University of Oregon. I worked as a prep sports stringer and a clerk at the Salt Lake Tribune in 2008, and from 2009-2010 worked in various sections at the Daily Utah Chronicle. I am currently in my first term in grad school and I am cursed with a gross obsession for sports. But not bicycle racing. No one can make me care about that.
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