Get Out on Your Bike for the Summer

So for the summer months, the near total sunshine (or so they say) in Eugene seems definitely enough to get people out of their houses; and what is the step? Getting on those bikes!

Greater Eugene Area Riders is a cycling group of passionate bicyclists dedicated to promoting riding for health and the environment. They hold weekly rides during the day on Saturdays, Sundays and evening rides on Wednesdays magnificently highlighted in golden late-day sunlight.

This weekend, the Saturday rides include a 15 mile family ride and a 40 miler to Veneta via Bolton Hill Rd. which includes some big hills. On Sunday is a 80 mile trek that covers Cox Butte, Turnbow, Smyth Goldson.

For the rookie riders or those who want to brush up, GEARs also offers classes to enhance your understanding of bike laws and how to navigate confusing roads. This weekend there will be a set of Confident Cycling Classes Pt. 1 and 2, on Saturday and Sunday. In addition, there is a Safe and Legal Bicycling class that prepares cyclists to be more safe and aware on the road.

McKenzie Pass is open now to bikes and pedestrians as the snow has been cleared off of one lane of traffic. This way you can feel relatively carefree as you drudge up the steep twenty miles or so of uphill before you turn around and enjoy a long, fast coast down again. Nevertheless, keep your eyes and ears open for ODOT still working on certain sections.

On Twitter this week, many local riders are proudly sharing the news of Eugene being the top city for biking, as was determined through data compiled from the American Community Survey under the U.S. Census Bureau. Richard Florida, Senior Editor of the Atlantic, decided to investigate a correlation he saw between America’s fittest cities and those in which the most people bike commuted to work. In addition to finding this positive correlation, he also discovered that the cities in which bike commuting was most prevalent, the population had higher average wages, were better educated, and happier too. Eugene ranked first in the list of the top 15 metro areas with the largest percentage of people who bike to work.

Also found on Twitter, posted by eParkEugene, was a great photo of the soon to be installed bike lock stations. One is designed as a half buried bike tire and the other in the design of deer. They’ll be given a color coating and hopefully be up real soon. Destination unknown as of yet, so keep your eyes open!


About Stacey M. Hollis

Living at the edge of southern Costa Rica's rich Golfo Dulce working with non-profit Osa Birds: Research and Conservation. With a background in environmental journalism, avian field biology, bird guiding and ecotourism, my aim is to share my passion for birds and spread the word about the importance of wildlife conservation.
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