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News Aggregations

By Clare Hancock

1. Twitter. Eugene Police. Eugene. June 22, 2011.

William Cecil Etheridge, a convicted felon with a history of assault, battery, escape, resisting arrest and weapon charges, is suspected for robbing Wells Fargo on 99 E Broadway, Eugene. Etheridge is still at large.

2. Twitter. TravelLaneCo. Eugene. June 22, 2011.

A single lane designated for pedestrians and bicyclists opened on Old Mckenzie Highway 242.

3. Register Guard. Fun with Your Feet. Springfield. June 23, 2011.

Footbag Net, the recently created sport using a pellet-filled soccer ball on a badminton court, has grown to be a popular past time in the state of Oregon. This week, the Willamalane Center for Sports recreation held the Northwest Women’s Footbag Net Training Camp. This weekend, Portland will also be hosting a Footbag Net tournament.

4. Register Guard. Set Sail Eugene. Eugene. June 24, 2011.

The City Sailing School, an extension of the City of Eugene’s Recreation Department, is now offering sailing opportunities for all ages. The school recently purchased 12 long boats for children between the ages of 11 to 14 to learn on.

5. OPB News. Goucher’s Return. Eugene. June 24, 2011.

Kara Goucher, a marathon champion, finished 2nd in the 10,000 meter race in the U.S. championships yesterday. After taking a break from running and giving birth to a baby boy, Colt, Goucher decided to take more time over the summer to work on her marathon running.

6. OPB News. Suspected Shooter Arrested. Eugene. June, 24, 2011.

The man suspected of shooting a fellow co-worker in the shoulder with a large-caliber handgun at LHM Hydraulics has been caught and arrested.


About snailcrossing

Clare is a travel writer and ethnographic journalist with an interest in ecotourism, saving the world one vacation at a time. Her goal is to travel around the world, seeking eco-friendly community organizations and informing the public about them as well as healthier and more fulfilling alternatives to pleasure travel.
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