Track Town Earns the Name Once Again

Take a glimpse at ‘track in Eugene’ on Twitter today and you will find that track is in fact a big deal here in Eugene. This is obvious with the nickname ‘Track Town USA’ but when you have the USA Track Finals in your backyard its worth reiterating.  Noteworthy events today included Galen Rupp taking his third 10 k title with a final lap of 54.4 with a total time of 28 minutes and 38.17 seconds or 27 minutes and 52.57 seconds depending on the source.


Rupp’s surgical mask, an effort to ward of Eugene’s high pollen levels, was the joke of the day.  Rupp was quoted,” Whenever I went into a store,” he joked. “It looked like I was going to rob them.” The Oregon senior has a lot to be proud of these days.


Amy Yoder Bagley was Rupp’s counterpart in the women’s 10,000. She took the race with a hard kick right at the end. Bagley managed to not only win the race but also break the field record of 31:34.81 with her time of 31: 22.69.


Both Oregonian’s showed the state’s and by extension Eugene’s track heritage. Oregon, I am sure, is swelling with pride. Events today are at least inspiration enough for this former California runner to hit the tartan.

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