Willie Lyles Running Wild: 2009 is the new 2011


So, as I have already discussed in an earlier post, the University of Oregon football program has caught some heat these past couple of weeks. It began with Cliff Harris’ star turn in his personal remake of the flop-buster Speed Racer, and it has since been taken over by the revamped and revitalized Willie Lyles saga. When we last left this strange tale a few months back, it was learned that, yes, Lyles had provided the Oregon football program with a “recruiting packet” of some sort in March 2010, and that his services were simply for “scouting” purposes. His relationship with Patrick Peterson, a highly touted cornerback out of LSU, only stoked the flames on the rumor fire (to the tune of a rumored $80,000 pay-for-play scenario). But those flames had sputtered until this week, when rumors began to swirl that the $25,000 that the Ducks shelled out for the 2011 recruiting package was filled with… drumroll please… a littany of college prospects from 2009. So, due to this slight difference in opinion about the relevancy of the information in the package, as well as the public nature of these truly strange allegations, the NCAA Compliance Office has stepped in.

Now I assume that Lyles is still maintaining his innocence (as he did in March and May) when it comes to all this brew-ha-ha— although these new allegations will be a little harder to disprove than the he said/he said nature of the May allegations— but the University must know something is amiss. They have already lawyered up, according to George Schroeder of the Register-Guard, and the man they acquired, known in some circles as “The Cleaner”, has a reputation for whipping programs back into shape.

And while the Duck program is claiming that hiring Glazier is not an admonition of guilt, I am sure the NCAA Compliance Office is not thrilled that they have to make two trips in two weeks to Eugene.

But hey, at least it has been sunny, right?


About Reed Nelson

I am a graduate student in the J-School at the University of Oregon. I worked as a prep sports stringer and a clerk at the Salt Lake Tribune in 2008, and from 2009-2010 worked in various sections at the Daily Utah Chronicle. I am currently in my first term in grad school and I am cursed with a gross obsession for sports. But not bicycle racing. No one can make me care about that.
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