Clare Hancock: Saving the World One Vacation at a Time

By Clare Hancock

Clare Hancock was born in Phoenix, Arizona and raised in the high deserts of Prescott (AZ) where she learned to love the purple thistle flowers, juniper and creosote bushes, and prickly pear fruits that grew in her backyard. She spent hours watching pronghorn graze on the sun-baked plains and roadrunners hurrying home with lizard tails hanging from their beaks. She grew up with cowboys on horses riding through historic Whiskey Row, pistols holstered to their hips as they reminisced of the days that had long since passed. But as she grew into adulthood, Clare became interested in exploring other towns and landscapes and cultures. She wanted to view the world from different perspectives and share her adventures with the public.

Clare Hancock. Photo by: Ed Hancock

Clare earned an Interdisciplinary Studies Bachelor’s degree in Travel Writing from Humboldt State University in 2010. Clare is educated in Cultural Anthropology, Ethnographic representation of foreign communities, multiple forms of non-fiction prose and journalism, Cultural Geography and Creative Writing. She is currently pursuing a Master’s degree in Magazine Writing at University of Oregon where she hopes to expand her knowledge of modern forms of journalism.

Clare has traveled across the Western United States, hiked through parts of Canada, kayaked among the islands in the Sea of Cortes, swam among stingrays and dolphins in the Caribbean, backpacked through Mayan ruins in Belize and Guatemala, aided in rehabilitating gibbons in Thailand and more. She has endured food poisoning, deadly spider bites, 2nd degree burns, and torn ligaments. But in return, she has experienced unforgettable people, awe-inspiring cultures, hugs from tamarind monkeys, delectable cuisine, and blue whale songs. She has received  training in journalism, environmental education, advanced research for world travel, aquatic physical education, and animal husbandry (both exotic and domestic).

Clare is particularly interested in Eco-tourism (the act of traveling in a least-destructive manner both culturally and environmentally). She wishes to center the majority of her writing on genuine Eco-friendly organizations around the world and inform travelers of healthier alternatives for their vacation endeavors.


About snailcrossing

Clare is a travel writer and ethnographic journalist with an interest in ecotourism, saving the world one vacation at a time. Her goal is to travel around the world, seeking eco-friendly community organizations and informing the public about them as well as healthier and more fulfilling alternatives to pleasure travel.
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