Bicycle Highs and Lows

In the world of Eugene bicycling, this week started out with the beginning of a repaving project on Alder Street which is a road commonly used by University students, including bike commuters.

On KVAL’s website the article on the repaving project mentioned that a grant through Oregon’s Bicycle-Pedestrian Program will cover more than a fourth of the $2 million project.

The new road is planned to have bike lanes, including a two way lane between Franklin and 18th Avenue.

This weekend the Eugene Safe Routes to School organized what they dubbed as the “Kidical Mass Camping Trip”. Kidical Mass is the next generation of Eugene’s bike movement designed by Shane MacRhodes, manager of SRTS, to get kids and their families out on their bikes. This was the group’s first overnight trip. Eleven families total came out and rode out to Armitage Park on Saturday afternoon and spent the night there. The group came home without a hitch (or with many if you consider all the trailers) and with talk about doing it again soon.

The Intrepid Group! Photo Credit: Shane Rhodes

On the Eugene Bicyclist blog this week, there is a post recounting the death of a cyclist, Jennifer Marie Sells of Springfield. Sells collided with a truck on Main Street and was killed. Thusfar, the cause of the accident has not been determined. News stories on the accident can be found from this list originally created on the Eugene Bicyclist blog:

Also written this week by Eugene Bicyclist was a post on the green bike lanes that have been showing up in a spattering around Eugene over time. The green lanes give bicyclists, who are riding in them, the right of way. These green lanes can also be seen as a way to further emphasize to drivers that they are sharing the road with cyclists. has a video clip and an article out on the Adaptive Recreation program’s “Adaptive Bike Riding” program through which those with disabilities are given a chance to get on specially designed bicycles after an introductory safety check and instructions on hand signals to use while riding. This gives disabled community the opportunity to get out on bikes when they might not have been able to before.


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Living at the edge of southern Costa Rica's rich Golfo Dulce working with non-profit Osa Birds: Research and Conservation. With a background in environmental journalism, avian field biology, bird guiding and ecotourism, my aim is to share my passion for birds and spread the word about the importance of wildlife conservation.
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