Campus Construction has Arrived

There is no escaping the University of Oregon’s road construction. Starting this past Monday, Eugene citizens commuting around the school’s campus have been facing delays, detours, and road closures.  But the residents and commuters are not the only ones suffering from torn up roads. KEZI news ran a segment Monday focusing on local businesses hit by the construction as well.

Alder Street Construction

“Nobody wants to sit out here, especially when there’s big trucks pumping exhaust. It doesn’t make the pizza taste very good,” said River Donaghey, of Sy’s Pizza. According to the Register Guard, the $2 million reconstruction plan will renovate high traffic areas flowing into the west side of campus. 

In addition to revamping road surfaces stretching along 13th Avenue, Alder Street will be getting a dedicated bike “cycletrack,” as it currently features bicycle lanes on both sides of the one-way road. A cycle track, currently being tested in Portland and other metro areas, is essentially a two-way bicycle lane separated from car traffic using a striped buffer on the pavement. Designs vary, but the intent is to provide a segregated lane for bicycle use only. In this photo, featuring an obstructed cycletrack in Washington DC, one can visualize the basic layout of the design, even with the car inconveniently parked in the cyclists’ path.

Here in Eugene, it seems that no one knows for sure what will come of Alder Street’s cycletrack, as color-coded bike lanes seem to already be causing trouble. Posted today on Eugene Bicyclist, apparently color-coded bicycle lanes are not working too well in town. On the blog, there are incriminating photos of Eugene residents blatantly choosing to forego the lime green bicycle lanes in favor of the either the sidewalk, or wrong side of the road.



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