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A love of the arts and Eugene: A profile of Vicki Harkovitch

By Ted Shorack It’s 6:40 p.m. on a Tuesday in Eugene, Oregon, and Vicki Harkovitch has to settle down a group of about 20 young boys and girls. They’re sitting on the playground blacktop of Edison Elementary in South Eugene. … Continue reading

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The Cold Country with a Hot Sun: One Woman’s Experience in Morocco

By Clare Hancock Melissa had just stepped through the entryway of her host family’s house when she spotted a package in the corner where she kept her things. Her head was spinning from a morning of rigorous language lessons in … Continue reading

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A painter’s craft, Tilke Elkins and the art of creation

Imagine getting to know a piece of the forest. Not just standing on a trail and admiring the view, but rather immersing yourself in the wilderness around you. Make the effort to get down on hands and knees and inspect … Continue reading

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For the love of the art

The old Victorian house was built in 1921. Shutters that had long sheltered it from the wind and rain sagged off their hinges. It had been abandoned for years and now smelled heavily of mold and decay. An old red … Continue reading

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A Southern Gal with an Ice Cream Dream

Emily Phillips just poured Reisling into a batch of fresh strawberry sorbet. Not much has changed in the last 28 years since she began selling her mom’s homemade ice cream out of her shiny red wagon.  There may not have … Continue reading

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Presiding over fire: Cornerstone Glass’ Joe O’Connell

Joe O’Connell: Dean of Flame by REED NELSON The glass tube stays rotating constantly, the hands twisting it playing a malevolent game of chicken with the fire. It started out as a clear tube filled with brightly colored sand, but … Continue reading

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Bob Hart: Beyond the Museum

Last November, visitors to the 75th anniversary program at the University of Oregon’s Museum of Natural and Cultural History in Eugene were promised a historical surprise. While the museum’s director stood at the podium, long dead Oregon geologist Dr. Thomas … Continue reading

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