A Less-Than-Lethal Shotgun Turns Potentially Deadly

Thursday June 7th a suspect, who refused to comply to police commands, was accidentally shot with live ammunition from a designated less-than-lethal shotgun. According to The Oregonian, the officer was certified to handle less-tahn-lethal shotguns but had mistakenly loaded live ammo instead of non-leather lead shot. The suspect was not killed but was brought to the hospital to treat minor wounds to the hip. As The Oregonian notes this is the first time this has happened in Portland Police history.

The Portland Tribune released this morning that Portland Mayor Sam Adams and Police Chief Mike Reese publicly apologized for the incident. The 15-year veteran officer who fired the shotgun had been put on administrative leave. The Portland Police Department is currently under investigation for use of police force, particularly for those incidents involving the mentally ill. The man did have a knife but no evidence has been given of mental illness.

The story has been active on Twitter amongst local news outlets. Reports indicate that the suspect was being threatening to children at a day camp not far from the scene of the shooting. When police responded they found him several blocks away from the park. There he attempted to evade the police on foot.

Bean bag rounds normally used in less-lethal shotguns (Creative Commons)

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One Response to A Less-Than-Lethal Shotgun Turns Potentially Deadly

  1. Melissa says:

    Ok, no punching me, but I think you might want to change “less-tahn-lethal.”
    Also, super interesting topic, glad you wrote about it!!!

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