Be Careful out There

Posted on MyEugene this week, a man with a webcam captured video footage of a LTD bus running a red light. The EmX bus was traveling on Gateway Street in Springfield as it appears to be blowing through the intersection.


Ben Hallert was the man who caught the incident using his vehicle’s dash-mounted camera.“I was astonished when that bus barreled through the light.  One moment, I have a green light and am beginning to cross, another and I’m jamming on the brakes as 60,000 lbs flies through the intersection right in front of me,” Hallert said.

According to union rules, the PR representative for Lane Transit District did not provide information regarding the repercussions handed out to the bus’s operator. The only information offered was that they’ve been “cracking down in the last six months.”

Supposedly, the LTD tracks complaints from the public, but has not released the records publicly. While nothing has officially been released, several Facebook pages have been created for community members to voice their opinions about LTD. The first page, created in 2007, is called EmX Buses Wouldn’t Stop For Jesus. The other page was created more recently and is called Dear LTD. 

On one of the pages, another Eugene citizen claims a similar scenario that recently happened to her: “The EMX ran the light in exactly the same fashion at Oak and 10th at about 8:30 a.m. on Monday, June 20. They’re going to kill someone eventually.”

Bad press for LTD hasn’t been stopping them from new expansion plans. The Register Guard recently reported on the possibility of a third EmX project expanding into west Eugene. According to the report, the federal government wants the business analysis before it will sign off on the project. As long as businesses aren’t affected by the buses running red lights, there will be more reason to keep looking left and then right before crossing the roads of west Eugene as well.


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