Honoring the Armed Forces on the 4th

The F-15 will be used for July 4th Celebration flyovers in Oregon. (creative Commons)

1. A Silver Star on the Fourth of July

Oregon citizen Sgt. Franklin M. Simmons will be awarded the silver star for valor. Sgt. Simmons platoon was ambushed by enemy fighters and on of the vehicles was disabled.  Without regard for his own safety Sgt. Simmons exposed him self to fire and fought back the attackers from higher ground. His actions were crucial to saving his fellow marines.

2. The Guard’s Fourth of July Fly Over

Fighter jet’s from Oregon’s National Guard will be conducting flyovers for the forth of July Ceremonies. The guard will be flying F-15s.

3. Soldier’s Angels Oregon

This group honors all Oregon citizens who are part of the armed forces. The chapter will hold events to honor veterans.

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  1. Melissa says:

    Love the theme based post!

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