Three Dogs Per Household Is Still Okay

Eugene residents are veritable animal lovers and seem to incorporate their pets into everyday life. It would seem almost impossible to tell them how many dogs they’re allowed to have. But on the Register Guard’s Calendar for Wednesday, June 29, it noted that the City Council was having a work session discussing whether or not a limit for two dogs per household should be enforced.

According to, the issue was brought up by Councilor George Poling, who felt the limit needed to be discussed after a dog-related incident took place in his ward.

The current Eugene City Code, which was set in place in 2005, allows for three dogs per household and has the option for a fourth with certain guidelines. Neighboring Springfield also has a three dog limit.

After the work session many were relieved. On Twitter, KEZI wrote that the council members had decided to keep the ordinance. In the end, counselors didn’t feel that reducing the limit of dogs per household was the right solution. Councilor Alan Zelenka mentioned that the issue was more about dog owners and Councilor Chris Pryor thought it best to shift the discussion towards “enforcement of nuisance with regards to dogs.”

Residents no doubt would have been devastated if the City Council had decided for greater limitation. One resident interviewed by KVAL said, “it would be sad if they limited it more.”


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  1. Melissa says:

    Love the picture, did you take it?

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