Dump site not cleaned after HAZMAT Team response

RFOregon’s Twitter page alerted followers after questions have been asked about a transient camp and dump site that was visited by a HAZMAT team but not cleaned.

KMTR also reported on the matter, stating that confusion arose after the crew was called to the scene but no apparant clean up occurred. The dump site was located at the West 11th bike-pedestrian bridge and was found by Kirk Toy, who was mowing the grass and was concerned about chemicals.

West 11th Bridge, courtesy of 'Heavy Hex cafe blog'

Hypodermic needles, a carpet and a bucket full of an unknown substance were found, wrote MSNBC.  Toy was clearing the grassy area to allow for people to access the site behind the shop in which he works.  He stumbled across the dumping site and after hesitantly exploring, he decided that the situation needed experts.

Eugene has dumping issues before.  Katu news reports that an employee arriving at the offices of the Feynman Group found a newspaper box with a yellow substance in it. The employee also found more of the substance by a front and back door of the offices. He was admitted to hospital after inhaling fumes from the bog and feeling dizzy and light-headed, but was later released with no injuries.


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Siobhan is a New Zealander living in Oregon, just finished playing on the Oregon Women's Tennis Team for four years. She is a double journalism major at the University of Oregon focusing on Advertising and Electronic Media with a minor in Multimedia. She is graduating December 2011 and currently job searching.
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