Reusable Plates, the Bronc Peeler Band and Cloudy Weather: Neighboors Gather for Picnic

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Eugene, OR – Old and new neighbors alike gathered at Charnel Mulligan Park on Tuesday June 28, 2011 for the Jefferson Westside Neighborhood annual picnic.

The picnic, which started at 5:30 p.m., was paid for with city funds which the neighborhood attained when they were selected as “2010 neighborhood of the year,” according to the JWN Chair, Paul Conte.

Residents stood in a half-hour long line for food while the Bronc Peeler band played. Most of the food was potluck, though the JWN association did provide some of the basics, like chicken.

In a truly Eugene fashion, the food was served on reusable plastic plates, accompanied by silverware – complements of Eugene Neighborhood Services.

Residents found out about the picnic either from prior knowledge, the Jefferson Westside website, or the monthly newsletter.

“Free FOOD, gonna be GOOD!” advertised the website. Residents that RSVP’d got a follow up email stating that the event would be held regardless of weather: “Hello neighbor!…***The picnic and BBQ chicken will be held rain-or-shine.**[…]we’ll have covered areas for you to dine and meet your neighbors in comfort. And, hey! This is Oregon. We don’t stay indoors just because of some stinkin’ rain, do we?”

The weather did threaten rain but about 100 people showed up, including local photographer, Erin Dougherty. Dougherty had a tent set up offering free portraits, working towards her goal to capture 1,000 local faces by November.

In the end, Conte washed all of those reusable dishes.

Story Edited by Ryan Schoeck


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