Eugene Man to Run for President in 2012

Eugene, Ore. — On June 16 a Eugene man announced his intent to run for U.S. President in the 2012 Elections.

The announcement of Mark Callahan’s candidacy came via Twitter, Facebook and Youtube, as well as through news sources.

On my way to the RightOnline Conference in Minneapolis, to be a panel speaker discussing Effective Grassroots Activism on a Local Level.
June 16, 2011

Callahan, 34, has previously run for several positions including the state legislature and school board, according to KEZI. Callahan received just over 3 percent of votes when he ran for state representative in 2010 and about 2 percent of the vote when he ran for position two in the Springfield Commissioner 2010 election.

On his election website,, Callahan says that his age won’t be an issue: “I have consulted with the Federal Elections Commission, and they have confirmed that I am eligible, as long as I turn 35 by the time inauguration day comes.”

Callahan will be running in the Republican primary, though according to his website, he believes that the country was founded on “‘We The People’, not ‘We the (Insert Your Party Affiliation Here).'” reported that Callahan is the co-founder of co-founder of Lane County Citizens for Responsible Government and his professional experience is in computer technology. The same article stated that if elected, Callahan’s first act would be to “repeal ObamaCare.”

In 2010, the Eugene Weekly spotted Callahan at karaoke — “[…]Eugene native Mark Callahan, who sang Billy Idol”s “White Wedding” the same night I butchered Tom Petty. […]instead of making karaoke a social outing, Callahan chooses to go to the bar
alone, stay sober as a jaybird and sing as many songs as he can get in.”

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