A WOPR of A Problem

Western Oregon Plan Revision (WOPR) in the news this week:

The Oregonian published an article this week, written by Eric Mortenson, regarding the abandonment of the BLM’s plan for logging forests it manages in Western Oregon. The plan, dating back to 2008, would have increased logging on about 2.2 million acres. The issue has been tossed around the courts since its inception. The plan and decision to pull it has created serious upset. Both environmental groups who oppose the increase in logging, and the industry, which feels it has waster five years of planning, voiced there frustrations to the press.

The Register-Guard also touched on the subject. Noting that the BLM itself has urged the plans shutdown. The issues within the government, claims of jurisdiction and misuse of authority, have caused much of the plans delay and decay. At this point the BLM said to eliminate the plan but the plan is now stuck on legal limbo

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