Exciting Stuff that Makes the News

By Clare Hanock

1. Little Big Burger to Expand to Eugene.

7-3-11. Daily Emerald.

Courtside apartment complex, next to Mathew Night Arena in Eugene, is about to have a new restaurant in its midst. A Portland-based gourmet burger restaurant called Little Big Burger that works to keep its ingredients minimal, local and delicious as well as its packaging compostable will be open to Eugene citizens soon.

2.  Oregon 10 in 6 Challenge.

7-5-11. Register-Guard.

Steven Kominsky, a 28-year-old Medford resident was recently inspired to climb Oregon’s 10 highest mountains in no more than six days. Starting Friday at Wallowa Lake State Park and finishing Sunday at Mt. Hood, Kominsky and his wife and child will be zigzagging across the state as quickly and safely as they can in order to accomplish the seemingly impossible challenge.

3. Couple Building Unusual Straw-bale Home.

7-5-11. Register-Guard.

Don Andrews and Cheryl Haworth are in the midst of completing a house made of straw insulation. The majority of the products used to build the house were locally made, however, a group of students from across the country and Canada will be volunteering a week of their time to install the straw walls. Their labor will both be convenient for Andrews and Haworth but also a learning experience for all involved.

4. Compensation could be Similar to Russial’s.

7-6-11. Register-Guard.

Sheldon Berman, Eugene’s new school district superintendent, will be given a salary slightly less than his predecessor, George Russial. The largest difference between the two salaries is the lack of payment to Berman’s PERS fund. Nevertheless, Berman will still be making more than $220,000 each year.

5. Human Shield by Choice.

7-6-11. Register-Guard.

UO graduate Greg Krupa, who rode his bicycle to Guatemala last summer, has plans to return to Guatemala to assist locals in persecuting suspects of mass genocide. After graduating with a bachelor’s degree in political science and public policy and management, Krupa was inspired to help Guatemalan locals by his professors, Gerardo Sandoval and Michelle McKinley, who have dealt personally with the problems in Guatemala.

6. Judge Moves to Cancel Execution.

7-6-11. OPB News.

Judge Joseph Guimond cancelled the execution of convicted murderer Gary Haugen, who murdered his girlfriend’s mother in 1981, due to a decision made by the Oregon Supreme Court. More time was requested by Haugen’s attorneys for deliberation over the felon’s sentence based on his mental condition. The next execution hearing is expected to take place in September or October.

7. Bike Polo in Eugene.

7-7-11. Daily Emerald. Video Article.

At the Amazon tennis courts, the sounds of bike polo can be heard as several players race around the courts on bikes, polo mallets in hand, ready to whack small balls into lacrosse goals. Nearly a decade of players have enjoyed the sport in Eugene.


About snailcrossing

Clare is a travel writer and ethnographic journalist with an interest in ecotourism, saving the world one vacation at a time. Her goal is to travel around the world, seeking eco-friendly community organizations and informing the public about them as well as healthier and more fulfilling alternatives to pleasure travel.
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