It’s Cliff Harris Time


Quick Update on the Cliff Harris front: Resolution to his legal troubles  hit the fast-lane this week as his parents covered nearly 38 percent of the nice little $4,300 dollar ticket tab he has rang up in his two-plus years in Eugene, the Register-Guard reported. His mother apparently paid $1,620, or in college terms, 108 30-packs of Keystone. Hopefully, the wild rides for Harris stop before he misses significant playing time.

I discussed in an earlier post, Cliff Harris is already missing the first week heavy weight bout against LSU, and although the game is being held at a neutral site — and calling a presumably purple Cowboy Stadium in Dallas a “neutral site” is like saying that  Fox News is ‘like totally bi-partisan’— the Ducks could really use his help on the likes of returning LSU wide out Rueben Randle.

News isn’t all bad for Harris, however, as Adam Jude of the Register-Guard reported earlier today that he is on the Bronco Nagurski Trophy watch list, the award given to the best defensive player in the nation.

On the Willie Lyles front: It wasn’t Oregon this week. Did you hear that?! Well, I guess I exaggerated slightly. Butttt it wasn’t strictly Oregon tied to Willie Lyles acidic name this week. That’s good right? Oregon Live has reported that the University of California-Berkeley has paid for similar services, although they were charged a paltry $5,000 for their package ($20,000 less than Oregon for those keeping score). The $25,000 that Oregon paid acted like a down payment on the gross legal fees that the university has been slogging through the past few weeks. George Schroeder can be heard here on the matter. What a ducking mess.


About Reed Nelson

I am a graduate student in the J-School at the University of Oregon. I worked as a prep sports stringer and a clerk at the Salt Lake Tribune in 2008, and from 2009-2010 worked in various sections at the Daily Utah Chronicle. I am currently in my first term in grad school and I am cursed with a gross obsession for sports. But not bicycle racing. No one can make me care about that.
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