Oregon Money Matters

1. The Oregonian: Columbia River Crossing has spent $130 million, without lifting a shovel

Money has been pouring into the Columbia River Crossing Project (CRC) at a rate of approximately $60,000 a day. Groundbreaking is still 18 months away. The majority of money has gone into the planning of the bridge. The CRC has used approximately $180 million dollars to date. Legal battles have also delayed and increased the expense of the project. The bridge is a proposed extension of the I-5.


2.The Oregonian: Oregon Legislature shut door in homeowners’ faces over foreclosures

After debates raged in the Pacific Northwest concerning consumer protection, Oregon and Washington legislatures came to very different conclusions. Washington state decided to tighten foreclosure rules, including allowing homeowners face to face meetings between them and their lender before going into foreclosure. Oregon on the other hand gave lenders some more slack in foreclosure situations.


3. More financial fun

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