1. The Register-Guard Newspaper.  QB COSTA BECOMES OFFICER COSTA Wednesday, July 6, 2011.

Former University of Oregon quarterback Nate Costa became a Springfield police officer Tuesday (July 5th) morning.  The article mentions that Costa has completed a yearlong internship with the department and will no “…enroll in a 16-wwek training program at the Oregon Public Safety Academy in Salem.”  Costa is quoted in the article as saying that he “wanted to be a police officer form a young age.”

  1. The Oregonian Newspaper.  PUTTING HENS BEFORE EGGS Wednesday, July 6, 2011

The Oregon Legislature recently passed a law requiring chicken farmers to use colony cages by 2026.  The article states, “By 2026, hens must be moved into enriched colony cages with more space and more perks, such as perches, scratching pads and nesting boxes.”  The article also mentions that farmers will also have to follow care standards set by the American Humane Association.  A proposed ballot measure would require Oregon chickens to be cage free by 2019.

  1.  McGuffin Jury Selection Finalized  Wednesday, July 6, 2011

The trial of Nicholas McGuffin, the man accused of killing Leah Freeman in Coquille, Oregon back in 2000, began this morning (Wednesday, July 6).  Jury selection took longer than anticipated and this trial is expected to have extra security considering it is high profile.  Although Freeman’s body was found a month after she went missing, McGuffin was not arrested until August of 2010.

  1. The Eugene Weekly   Feathers:  Hair Cool or Hair Cruel

The popular feathers that women (and men) are having woven into their hair (or on earrings) are causing a stir.  Some people believe the way in which the birds are raised and then skinned for these feathers is inhumane.  The fad does not seem to be ending anytime soon.  Lin Silvan, founder and executive director of Eugene’s Veg Education Network (EVEN), said, “It takes the same amount of energy to choose compassion as it does to choose cruelty.”


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