Less-than-Hostile Takeover at Country Fair

Rowdy accordion enthusiasts plotted and enacted a plan to invade the Drum Tower at the Oregon Country Fair.

Jason Webley, an accordion player that frequents the country fair, said that in honor of his last show at the fair (for a year or two) that his fellow accordion players and supporters would march on the drum tower. According to Jason, the tower is the ancestral homeland of accordion performers at the fair.

The invasion took place on July 10, 2011, the last day of the fair.

The unstoppable accordion horde

A winding mass of people- the end of the mass could not be seen from the front- moved from Chela Mela Meadow towards the tower at approximately 4:30p.m.

The accordion horde met minor resistance at Jill’s Crossing. Scouts for the drummers armed with bucket and sticks attempted to hold the army at the bridge but their presence was barely noticed in the shadow of the accordion forces.

While marching down Strawberry Lane the accordion army grew even greater in number as the they gained local support. Signs read, “Everything is going accordian to plan,” and , “Less banging more squeezing.” The mass cried out, “You with the drum. You better run. The time has come for accordions.”

Upon reaching the tower, musical battle ensued. Drums beat loudly and accordions rang through the din. Accordion sympathizers changed all the signs on the tower from drum to accordion.

Some shouting, chanting and exchanging of choice words occured. Only one drum was damaged. The accordions reported no casualties.

The leader of the accordion uprising, Jason, was congratulated for his valiant efforts. “I planned this last year and forgot. I got a bunch of emails asking if were going to do it this year, so I had to.” Fans were grateful for it.

Jason has played professionally for 13 years and will be taking a break from touring, “I just want to stop for a year, maybe two, and see what happens in my life.”

According to Jason, 11 accordion players were needed to over take the tower but 12 march with him. Countless fans supported them.

Aside from the handful of drummers at the bridge, drum forces showed no advanced intelligence of the attack and appeared unorganized.

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