Local Comedians Get Their Shot At Portland’s Funniest Person Contest

Written by Carly Petrone.  Edited by Amber Nicholson.

PORTLAND, Ore., – Comedians from all over Oregon will now have the chance to compete in Portland’s Funniest Person Contest being held at the Helium Comedy Club in the heart of the city.  The first ever comedy competition will bring together a total of 140 contestants during the two month long battle.  The last one standing will receive the grand prize of $1000 and the title of Funniest Person in Portland.

The mood was mellow and light before performers took the stage.

Last Wednesday, 11 men and one brave woman took the stage for their six minutes on the stage in front of a full house.  The audience held all the power with each person taking copious notes on the participating comedians and ultimately voting on his or her favorite from first to twelfth.  Judging was based on original material, audience reaction, and stage presence.

The official ballot for the first round of competition.

For participating comedian Jeremiah Rosenthal, the contest was a test to see how the Pacific Northwest would welcome him.  Having recently moved to Portland from San Francisco, he had this to say before starting the competition, “I’m getting stoked to go tell some jokes.”  His laid back attitude made him a contender on stage but ultimately, the audience decided to vote three others forward to the semi finals taking place later this month.

Jeremiah Rosenthal performs in San Francisco. Credit: Marc Zellick

The three local comedians moving forward after the first round of competition include Andre Paradise, Jay Flewelling, and Jacob Christopher.  More finalists will join the group as the weeks progress and audience members vote on their favorite performers.  The finals will take place at 8pm on Sunday, August 28th.

Follow the contestants on Twitter or check out Helium’s Facebook page for more details about upcoming events.  With big name comedians like Gilbert Gottfried, Jay Mohr, and Mike Epps performing at Helium Comedy Club this month, it’s certainly a great venue for these amateur comedians to get their start.

The stage at Helium Comedy Club in Portland. Who will win?


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